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If common behaviours were pathologised:

MFOD - Monetary fixation obsessive disorder

DAAD - Diversity aversion & avoidance disorder

CEDD - Chronic empathy deficit disorder

LRDD - Logic & rationale deficit disorder

CFHD - Capital & financial hoarding disorder

„Wem können wir für 20 Jahre Digitalversagen die Schuld in die Schuhe schieben?“

- „Den Grundrechten!“


Es ist Teil der römisch Kultur sich laut über alles und jeden aufzuregen-Eine lebhafte Form des Erfahrungsübertrages im Alltag. So wettert beispielsweise Herr Franziskus, ein älter freiwillig Kinderloser, warnend aus dem Fenster seines Wohnheimes gegen freiwillige Kinderlosigkeit.

Bin heute endlich einmal das Upgrade meines Fairphone 2 angegangen: LOS 17 auf 18 (Android 10 auf 11) erforderte da einen "clean flash". Hatte mich eigentlich auf eine komplette Neueinrichtung eingestellt – und wurde dann total positiv überrascht: Trotz data wipe war nach Durchlauf des Setup-Wizards fast alles wieder da!

Wie das? Seedvault, das Pendant zum "Google klaut" Backup. Lokal auf der SD-Karte gesichert. Hat super geklappt – Danke, liebes #Seedvault Team! 😍

#android #backup #restore

is programming language of the year 2021. Good news.

I'm searching for a hopefully or tracker free OneNote like app for my tablet. It should support both - keyboard and pen input. Synchronization to webdav or should be supported as well. Any recommondations?

Gerade K2 erzählt das die Reaktoren in Tschernobyl noch bis 2000 zur Stromerzeugung genutzt wurden. Seine Reaktion:

Hä!? Haben die den Knall nicht gehört?


If anybody needs a visual guide to http status codes...
You're welcome.

Python, with the Kivy framework, can produce scalable mobile apps for Android and iOS

Yes we can't yet escape needing the correct OS to compile the code into binaries (Linux for Android, macOS for iOS) but technically one could start producing Android apps using just a cheap Raspberry Pi.

It goes to show that lack of finances does not inhibit one from being able to be creative and tap into a massive mobile ecosystem. These apps can scale according to screen size.

Yes there are excellent dedicated IDE's for Android app development, but with something like Python, you learn a skill which you can basically compile for any platform, using the same code.

freeCodeCamp has a good 5-hour tutorial on YouTube showing how an app is built from scratch using Python with Kivy.

See How To Write Android Apps In Python? - AskPython

#technology #opensource #python #kivy #android


> Want to build Android Apps in Python? More than 3 billion devices in this world run on android. That makes it one of the most or probably the most important

Privacy-oriented service provider Njalla in response to DHL's legal concernes about registration of "" domain name - just nails it (again)

Because I read it again and again: It’s hatred, not fear!

Homophobia -> Homomisia
Transphobia -> Transmisia
Queerphobia -> Queermisia
Xenophobia -> Xenomisia

Danach steht #signal am besten da...

FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps

A recently discovered FBI training document shows that US law enforcement can gain limited access to the content of encrypted messages from secure messaging services like , #iMessage, #Line, and #WhatsApp, but not to messages sent via #Signal, #Telegram, #Threema, #Viber, #WeChat, or #Wickr.

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This is just a private server for toots coming from a habitual developer ...