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It seems like every time #pixelfed eeks closer to a v1 release and that (comparatively) boring polish stage where notifications are fixed, remote profile avatars are loaded.. discover pages correctly calculate posts (including individual images from albums/multi-image posts), discover federates..see more replies link is a link and not just underlined text.. a properly developed and documented api..

… a flurry of new features that subjectively should be post v1.0 are rapidly advertised..

.. or the MicroUI is teased (yet again)

Mr Dan S Up.. I love your project and support your work, I frequently contribute (via feedback and issues raised) and I get that introducing new features is much more exciting than the grind of functional fixes.. but 1.0 isn’t going to arrive unless the fundamentals all work as they should (across platform, DB flavour etc.)

Maybe you could concentrate in competing with instagram on a feature basis when you a solid, reasonably bug free and perhaps a slightly feature-lesser form

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It took some time, but is finally up and running. Looks very promising.

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Es ist nur eine Frage des Respekts.

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Wenn Tönnies und Co. ihre Arbeiter nicht mehr über Subunternehmer ausbeuteten, würde das Kilogramm Schweinefleisch um nur knapp 10 Cent teurer.

A short comparison of trends today:



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Have you seen the new AI for deepfakes by Disney? We are pretty doomed considering how much we tend to trust pictures. They look so convincing and then there is/was adobes voice synthesis... Those combined can let anyone say anything and it will be hard to convince people it is a fake. #ethics #futurology

Sorry to say, but this is a no go. is illegal and men are starting to beef and grouse.

🐦 🔗
🐦 🔗

Once more, I feel ashamed to born and raised as a man.

I'm glad, there's a cure for those assholes

📽️ 🔗

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Germany declares upskirting as a crime. I know the term for 23 years now. My question to the politics: Why now and not 23 years ago?

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Wie wurdest DU auf Mastodon aufmerksam ❓

Über ein boost wäre ich erfreut!


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1,5m sind bei der Begegnung mit Fahrradfahrern, für viele Männer in in Autos die neuen 30cm

Neue Abstandsregel im Straßenverkehr: Wenn ein Fahrrad so breit wie ein Trecker wird | | Wirtschaft –

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Habe gerade rausgefunden, dass auf weiterleitet und nun ist mein Tag gemacht :) :rubberduck:

Nerdiest analogy ever:

Falling in love is like two thermo-nuclear rockets 🚀 🚀 from magrathea being absorbed by the sphere of a probality drive:

There is a whale 🐳 - big, visible for all, attaching everyone's attention, curious, eager to learn, and euphoric until the very end.

And there is this flower pot 🌷 thinking: Oh no, not again.

Here's the docker image stat: 

screenfetch:gentoo (1.21GB)
screenfetch:fedora (445MB)
screenfetch:arch (425MB)
screenfetch:centos (255MB)
screenfetch:void (147MB)
screenfetch:debian (141MB)
screenfetch:ubuntu (104MB)
screenfetch:alpine (15.2MB)

(command line:
docker images --filter "reference=screenfetch" --format '{{.Size}}\t{{.Repository}}\t{{.Tag}}\t{{.ID}}' | sed 's/ //' | sort -h -r | column -t | awk '{print $2":"$3" ("$1")"}'

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Currently trying to create some fance ASCII art based banner for my profile. Ended up creating different logos and combining them.

I used for that - looks pretty neat. Now I have eight different images creating output and exiting:

The difference is amazing, Alpine is smallest - about 15 MB and fastest to build - at most 6 minutes. Gentoo uses 1.21 GB taking 50 minutes to build. (1/2)

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Another company cancels advertising on because they believe, that there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech.

Best ad ever.


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This is just a private server for toots coming from a habitual developer ...