Szenegeheimnis aufgedeckt 

Der - also ein angehöriger der Szene - gilt als ruhiger Vertreter der menschlichen Spezies. Gelegentlich wird ihm ein leichter Geruch nachgesagt. Und nun finde ich DAS:

In den vergangenen 7 Monaten haben in Deutschland 40% der Bevölkerung eine Erst- und Zweit-Impfung erhalten.
Das RKI sagt, wir bräuchten ei;ne Impfquote von 85% um gut gegen gewappnet zu sein. (:link:

Was sagt :link: dazu?

Ok, security patch for is available. Great.

But why is there a difference of three days?

Patches of 06/05 is available on 06/02.

This is faster than the speed of light. Should I trust it?

Jetzt stellen wir uns mal vor, wir hätten einen Menschen mit Sinn und Verstand in der Regierung sitzen. Was der wohl gerade denken mag?

Kleiner Tipp

I finally wanted to do my first certification, even though it would be way too easy,

Unfortunately, has a very strange way of online testing.

Two and a half hours ago the paging device alerted our local section. Car crash on a road next to the highway (:link: ). Help the police investigating the scene. Our platoon leader decided, that a command unit and a rescue group are enough. Nevertheless it's christmas and pandemic, we managed to have more than 20 volunteers in reserve.

It's always good to be there for others in need or danger.

Any sunday in front of my appartment there's a Crêpes dealer.
So I decided to for the best .

I love it. oh Crêpes

Just found this on

It's a brief history of all american presidents and their vice presidents.


In english

It's ok to be . You do not have to argue with anyone how late it is and how drunk or angry or whatever you are when you come home.
Unless you have . Then you're again a 16 year old living at mom's house.

Happy everybody.

OK, I'm neither surprised nor shocked.

C'mon, , do you really think this is news about ? It's rather 'assumed common knowledge'...

Interne Dokumente: Google gibt freiwillig umfangreiche Nutzerdaten an US-Polizei

Der US-Konzern schickt offenbar regelmäßig Profile rechtsextremer Nutzer an US-Strafverfolger. Kritisierte Kommentare bleiben aber online.

Interne Dokumente: Google gibt freiwillig umfangreiche Nutzerdaten an US-Polizei | heise online


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