Can an old dog learn new tricks? I'm in the end of my thirties and I'm giving a try. Afterwards I'll cope with . I wonder: The first applications in high level language were written in or languages like C or Pascal. The next level was programming, which still isn't very popular. Then was the next big thing and is still state of the art. I wonder what the era of language will be called? 1/2

Will there be a best practice and an epic bible for the development like the book of design patterns etc.
I'm interested in best practices of how different approaches like , and can be combined efficiently without loosing the benefits and flow of each approach. How should different approaches be combined? Should classes and associated functions be combined? Should they be contained in the same module for coherence? Should they separated? 2/3

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Do you have any literature, ebooks, blog posts for this? Do you want to discuss about this topic?

@carsten Well - i am not a developer, "only" sys admin and i have read an interestig article on #heise a few weeks ago, where #rustlang was recommended. [1]

So your decision for #rustlang seems really future-proof and good. Personally i am also seeing a great potential in this language. :)


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