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Wenn Tönnies und Co. ihre Arbeiter nicht mehr über Subunternehmer ausbeuteten, würde das Kilogramm Schweinefleisch um nur knapp 10 Cent teurer.

A short comparison of trends today:



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Have you seen the new AI for deepfakes by Disney? We are pretty doomed considering how much we tend to trust pictures. They look so convincing and then there is/was adobes voice synthesis... Those combined can let anyone say anything and it will be hard to convince people it is a fake. #ethics #futurology

Sorry to say, but this is a no go. is illegal and men are starting to beef and grouse.

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Once more, I feel ashamed to born and raised as a man.

I'm glad, there's a cure for those assholes

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Germany declares upskirting as a crime. I know the term for 23 years now. My question to the politics: Why now and not 23 years ago?

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Wie wurdest DU auf Mastodon aufmerksam ❓

Über ein boost wäre ich erfreut!


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1,5m sind bei der Begegnung mit Fahrradfahrern, für viele Männer in in Autos die neuen 30cm

Neue Abstandsregel im Straßenverkehr: Wenn ein Fahrrad so breit wie ein Trecker wird | | Wirtschaft –

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Habe gerade rausgefunden, dass auf weiterleitet und nun ist mein Tag gemacht :) :rubberduck:

Nerdiest analogy ever:

Falling in love is like two thermo-nuclear rockets 🚀 🚀 from magrathea being absorbed by the sphere of a probality drive:

There is a whale 🐳 - big, visible for all, attaching everyone's attention, curious, eager to learn, and euphoric until the very end.

And there is this flower pot 🌷 thinking: Oh no, not again.

Here's the docker image stat: 

screenfetch:gentoo (1.21GB)
screenfetch:fedora (445MB)
screenfetch:arch (425MB)
screenfetch:centos (255MB)
screenfetch:void (147MB)
screenfetch:debian (141MB)
screenfetch:ubuntu (104MB)
screenfetch:alpine (15.2MB)

(command line:
docker images --filter "reference=screenfetch" --format '{{.Size}}\t{{.Repository}}\t{{.Tag}}\t{{.ID}}' | sed 's/ //' | sort -h -r | column -t | awk '{print $2":"$3" ("$1")"}'

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Currently trying to create some fance ASCII art based banner for my profile. Ended up creating different logos and combining them.

I used for that - looks pretty neat. Now I have eight different images creating output and exiting:

The difference is amazing, Alpine is smallest - about 15 MB and fastest to build - at most 6 minutes. Gentoo uses 1.21 GB taking 50 minutes to build. (1/2)

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Another company cancels advertising on because they believe, that there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech.

Best ad ever.


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Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!

This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

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Guess what? There is a now a PC available with MX Linux preinstalled.

Star Labs, a UK based laptop vendor, is offering their laptops not only with Ubuntu preinstalled, but also with several other smaller distributions, including MX Linux.

You can check out the offerings at

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