Ich bin übrigens der Meinung, kein Mensch sollte MilliardärIn sein, während es immer noch Armut gibt.

It seemed to happen without any further notice, but one day before the , the has announced the 2020
. For the first time online, not in .

This is also the 11th anniversary of Elena Bodnar's @emergencybra@twitter.com - an invention, literally half of the mankind to survive (youtube.com/watch?v=-dlkpBABDU).

Find more information about the IgNobile prices and the this years awards on improbable.com/ig-about/the-30

Für die Nutzung der ZDF-Mediathek-App ist das Vorhandensein der Google Play-Services erforderlich - sonst startet die App erst gar nicht. So sieht wohl gewollte Unfähigkeit aus, liebes ZDF!

$ cat /home/carsten/.local/bin/celebrate-weekend.sh

mount /dev/me /locations/balcony/hammock
cat /var/tmp/glass-of-alcohol-free-beer > /dev/body/mouth &
read < /usr/share/booms/graphic-novels/sunstone/volume.d/2 > /dev/body/eyes


Wer noch über ihre/seine Kanäle auf den Stream der BigBrotherAwards hinweisen mag, findet hier einig Banner zur freien Verwendung: bigbrotherawards.de/symbolbild


Sean M Puckett is an artist who creates images by unusual methods, for example through robots or with bare fingers. You can follow at:

➡️ @smerp

#AllHands #Art #MastoArt #Painting #Drawing #Robots #Textures

This weekend I'll build a huge update by replacing the access point by an . This way, climate control and intrusion alert will become cloudless.
This will become a hard act of work, nevertheless. But it will enable me to introduce light switch events to / and hence connect and to the wall switches.

Es ist doch ein Skandal, wenn Elektrogeräte schon nach kurzer Zeit unbrauchbar sind. Weil es keine Ersatzteile oder keine Updates gibt.

Und daher brauchen wir dringend ein Recht auf Reparatur! - @TabeaRoessner twitter.com/GrueneBundestag/st

Does anybody know a non profit Organisation whose only purpose is giving german employees a better wage contract and hence fair loans and better job conditions? I'd totally love the idea of donating them money using .

for just 0 dollars a day

you too can shut the hell up

and choose to not be racist :sparkling_heart_black_trans:

"A jackal aggressively responds by launching itself at a vulture who was attempting to steal some scraps from a fresh kill." Maasai Mara 📸Andy Campbell

Hey Fediverse! 👋

Guess which cult film is celebrating its 25th anniversary tomorrow, Sept. 15th?

#HACKERS (1995) !! ✊💀🏴


Since my #Tilderadio show "The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour" tonite livestreams, technically, on Sept. 15th at 01:00 UTC, I have decided that the show will pay tribute to this awesome, wacky, obscure, cyberpunkish cult film which is a favourite of mostly GenX, well, hackers (and hackers wannabe like myself) 🤪🤪 We will be listening to various tracks from the original Hackers soundtrack CD (1995) and other Hackers-related goodies 🌈❤️🎂✨

So tune in to Tilderadio tonight from 01:00-02:00 UTC/2-3AM BST/9-10PM EDT

To listen:




chat with us on IRC during the live show!

tilde.chat (for instructions)

or simply use your web browser:


We are in the #tilderadio channel! ✌️

“Ham radio is too regulated, so doesn’t apply to X use case.”

That’s like saying:
“I learned all this painting in college. Schools are regulated. It’s too bad, as it makes painting useless outside of school.”

The institutional knowledge in ham radio, whether in physics, electronics, or operational training, is absolutely vital right now. I don’t see how people can’t grok this. If a regime “shuts down the internet”, you can bet messages will still be flying on HF via CW. *IF* you know how.

Do you have any literature, ebooks, blog posts for this? Do you want to discuss about this topic?

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Will there be a best practice and an epic bible for the development like the book of design patterns etc.
I'm interested in best practices of how different approaches like , and can be combined efficiently without loosing the benefits and flow of each approach. How should different approaches be combined? Should classes and associated functions be combined? Should they be contained in the same module for coherence? Should they separated? 2/3

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Can an old dog learn new tricks? I'm in the end of my thirties and I'm giving a try. Afterwards I'll cope with . I wonder: The first applications in high level language were written in or languages like C or Pascal. The next level was programming, which still isn't very popular. Then was the next big thing and is still state of the art. I wonder what the era of language will be called? 1/2

Ich fordere nicht nur als ehemaliger Feuerwehrler den sofortigen #SeehoferRuecktritt sondern als Mensch. Ich habe echt keine Ahnung, wie ich das was Seehofer in unserem Namen anrichtet meinen Kindern und Enkeln erklären soll. Abschreckung aus Sorge vor einem Pull-Effekt? Abschreckung als Ultima Ratio unserer Werte? Wer oder was sind wir!? Monster?

Die Grünen sind zweistärkste Kraft in Paderborn geworden.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Erfolg.

Denkt dran, die nächsten sechs Jahre seid ihr im Wahlkampf für die nächste Wahl.

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